Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1969-D DIME

Circulation strikes: 563,323,870
Designer: John R. Sinnock
Diameter: ±17.91 millimeters
Thickness: ±1.35 millimeters
Metal content:
Outer layers - 75% Copper, 25% Nickel
Center - 100% Copper
Weight: ±2.26 grams
Edge: Reeded
Mintmark: D" (for Denver) above the date
Value: $1.00 (MS-65)

Not bad for a day of limited coinage... only collected one nickel and one dime, both turned out to be from the 60's. My 2008 proof sets arived in the post yesterday. I now have stashed away an '08 Silver Eagle Proof, and the 14 coin 08' Proof set for my boys. It may be years before they can appreciate them, but someday maybe those coins will help form an interest in numismatics.

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